Clay Pigeon Shooting – Information

Sweden has an centuries old hunting tradition.

Hunting in Sweden is practically a national past time with almost 300,000 hunters in a population of just over 9 million. The hunting season spans from August – February and is split into various periods depending on species and region. This means that a lot of shooting training is done. One of the trainings is shooting at clay pigeons with a shotgun.

We give you the opportunity get acquainted with clay pigeon shooting.

The introductory course consists of:

  • Instruction security rules
  • The safe handling of a shotgun
  • Shoot instructions
  • Test Shooting for getting used to the weapon
  • Shooting at clay pigeon (Trap)

Including use of hearing and eye protection shotgun and 30 shots

Age: 12 years and up
Activity length: 2 to 4 hours depending on number of participants