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Activities for everyone…

The outdoor activities from OutdoorSweden are very versatile and accessible to everyone. Both groups and individuals can participate in our adventures and courses. From sporty to leisure, incentives to team building. OutdoorSweden ensures quality, safety, professionalism and above all an educational adventure! This website is a comprehensive summary description of our sports and recreational programs for everyone ….

Tailor made activities

OutdoorSweden can for each group, company or institution provide an appropriate program. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us. We have the capabilities and the solution.

We are your guide through the endless forests, rivers and lakes of central Sweden. Our activities take place in the middle of the wild nature in northern Värmland. Our guides and instructors have many years of experience with outdoor life in the Scandinavian nature. Safely, responsibly, and with respect for the nature, they teach you the disciplines of outdoor life. Discover nature and yourself by learning and improving your skills, developing or expanding your knowledge and shifting boundaries. We offer a boundless outdoor life for both young and old.



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